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As the values system of an enterprise, its value proposition is an organic part of the economic and social development and requirements of the times.

“Green” business environment is a scientific summery made by an enterprise during its long-term production, management and practice and its core is green values, that is, advocating subverting the traditional concept, traditional awareness, traditional practice, habits and thinking thoroughly in enterprise management; and the enterprise forms a “green effect” different from traditional management in strategy, organization, manpower, research and development, innovation, production and marketing, investment decision-making, resource utilization, etc., and thus effectively enhances its core competitiveness.

The so called “green effect” of enterprise management is to expand the enterprise’s development prospects through green strategies, develop strategic planning with science, effectively avoid market risks, and coordinate and use related policies, resources, manpower, technology and environmental conditions to ensure the enterprise’s long-term development potential;
To enhance an enterprise’s executive force with a green organization, effectively integrate the enterprise’s functional departments and human resources, strengthen the enterprise’s organizational behavior and habit, optimize the enterprise management network system, and thus fully enhance the enterprise’s management efficiency and effectiveness;

To promote the improvement of an enterprise’ technological innovation capacity with green R&D, enhance the enterprise’s awareness of innovation, activate the enterprise’s innovation vitality in all fields, and thus improve the enterprise’s abilities to adapt to market, competition and technological reform;

To improve an enterprise’ production environment and production process with green production, reduce production consumption and production pollution and thus improve the enterprise’s resource utilization;

To promote the improvement of an enterprise’s sales management level with green marketing, fully reflect the green marketing concept through green products, green prices, green promotions, green service and other measures, thus enhance the enterprise’ sense of social responsibility and lead the forming of the whole society’s green consumption concept;

To create new development opportunities with green investment; take green investment as guidance in terms of resource utilization, policy utilization and market and technology utilization, thus create more favorable conditions for the enterprise in terms of project selection, long-term development, sustained survival, etc.

In todays competitive market environment, whether an enterprise can survive and develop continuously is a problem all entrepreneurs pay attention to. To understand and build green corporate culture from both broad and narrow senses can help the enterprise to create an eco-business circle with virtuous cycle, so as to ensure the enterprise’s sustainable development.
To build a green business environment in a broad sense is the foundation of building a harmonious enterprise and a harmonious society, as well as the effective guarantee for the enterprise’s sustainable development; while to build a green corporate culture in a narrow sense is a required condition for all enterprises to seek for survival today.

A comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable Scientific Outlook on Development decides the value orientation and thinking concept of corporate culture construction in the new times. Whether an enterprise can adapt to the social development and historical development trends, and timely and effectively build a green corporate culture has become a new topic deciding the future and fate of an enterprise. We not only need to understand green corporate culture from culture and values, but more need to combine our enterprise conditions to reasonably and effectively carry out the construction of a green corporate culture, reflect requirements of laws of market economics and laws of humane zoology in all fields like management objects, objectives, tasks, functions, responsibilities and mission by the organic combination of traditional economical management with the emerging ecotype management, achieve multi-win in terms of social survival benefit, enterprise economic benefit and management ecological benefit; and thus promote the whole society’s economic growth and a fundamental change in economic management, and spare no effects to build a harmonious society!