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Bishan: food safety inspection of the river town into the campus

Number of visits: Date:2012-07-18 11:42

  "You clean the corners of the health of the canteen, raw and cooked must be separated, with two cutting boards, expired foods should be promptly disposed of." Recently, the riverside town of food safety inspection team of 10 people, came to the riveredge of the town of Central Primary School, Riverside Middle School, and the river kindergarten, the school canteen security checks.

  It is understood that with the arrival of spring, the temperature gradually rose, bacteria, viruses, and begin to reproduce, in order to ensure the safety of the students' eating, river town organize the relevant departments, conducted a special inspection of the four schools of the town. The inspection focused on whether there is a catering license, and the cafeteria clean, raw material storage environment, purchase channels, finished and semi-finished products qualified employees whether vocational qualification certificate. Wherever he went, the staff are attentive examination, determined not to allow unqualified products from reaching the students table.

  The move to implement the dragnet inspection of the failed areas shall order rectification. It is reported that the Food Safety and Inspection mobilized a total of 12 cadres, inspection and approval rate of 99%.


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